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How Bath Bombs are Made

Have you ever been curious about what goes into creating your favorite WHOLEMADE BATH CO. bath bomb? For many of our bath bombs our process is the same with the only thing changing per batch is the scent going into the mix. We start with a base of our dry ingredients, baking soda, citric acid, corn starch and sugar. If we are making a fun colored Mega Bath Bomb, then we will add our pigments and decorations into the mix. Then we pour our sunflower oil, cocoa butter, shea nut butter, scent and water into the batch and mix it up. Once our bath bomb “dough” is ready to be made into shape, we take it over to our pressing station where we handcraft each bomb in molds. After each beautiful, fragrant bath bomb has been pressed, and meets our quality standards, we will send it over to our wrapping area to be hand packaged just for you. If you’re wanting to try the handcrafted difference, stop by one of our storefronts or check them out here!

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  • Elijah Cordova