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How Much Bath Bomb to Use?


When it comes to skin moisturizing and relaxation, bath bombs are one of the best ways to treat yourself! Many people ask how many bath bombs per bath are the right amount to use, what is too much or too little? There are so many different companies now making bath bombs and have attempted to copy us, that this a difficult question to answer. For example when you look at some companies packaging, they say for their personal sized bath bombs that you should use two or even three per bath. So what you thought was a great deal, just got really expensive when you read the fine lines. Other companies have really strong scents, and a lot of companies don’t even list their ingredients so you don’t even know what you could be buying.

At WHOLEMADE BATH CO. all you need to have a relaxing, aromatic, and moisturizing bath is just a single bath bomb. If you feel you want a little stronger of scent, or need some extra moisturizing power, a second bath bomb could be added in too! This also gives you the option to get super creative with the scent and moisturizing level of your bath! Our colored Mega Bath Bombs because of their size can be used for one, two, or even three baths.

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  • Elijah Cordova