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Is a Bath Bomb like Soap?

Lets start with what is soap? All Soap is made by combining Sodium Hydroxide (Lye) and oils like Sunflower and shea. Soap works to remove dirt from your skin, and some soap can even give you that ‘squeaky clean’ and itchy feeling by drying out your skin. Some soap is even made with animal byproducts like Tallow, sodium tallowate or antibacterial ingredients like benzalkonium chloride.

Bath bombs are primarily made with Baking Soda and Citric Acid, and supporting ingredients based on the manufacturer. Generally their purpose is to fizz, color to the water, moisturize your skin and add scent to your bath time. Moisturizing bath bombs like what we hand craft at WHOLEMADE BATH CO., are designed to moisturize your skin and make bath time fun and relaxing.

  • Elijah Cordova

How Bath Bombs are Made

Have you ever been curious about what goes into creating your favorite WHOLEMADE BATH CO. bath bomb? For many of our bath bombs our process is the same with the only thing changing per batch is the scent going into the mix. We start with a base of our dry ingredients, baking soda, citric acid, corn starch and sugar. If we are making a fun colored Mega Bath Bomb, then we will add our pigments and decorations into the mix. Then we pour our sunflower oil, cocoa butter, shea nut butter, scent and water into the batch and mix it up. Once our bath bomb “dough” is ready to be made into shape, we take it over to our pressing station where we handcraft each bomb in molds. After each beautiful, fragrant bath bomb has been pressed, and meets our quality standards, we will send it over to our wrapping area to be hand packaged just for you. If you’re wanting to try the handcrafted difference, stop by one of our storefronts or check them out here!
  • Elijah Cordova

How Bath Bombs are Good for your Skin

At the most basic level a bath bomb is bubbling goodness to make your bath time a little bit more fun. Which does nothing for your skin. Because it does not contain any oils to make your skin super soft. Since being founded in 2004, WHOLEMADE BATH CO. was the original United States Bath Bomb company that added moisturizing ingredients to a bath bomb to focus on moisturizing your skin, and you can see how we have been copied everywhere.

One of the main benefits of using a WHOLEMADE BATH CO. Bath Bomb is how great they are for your skin, but what do they do for the skin that’s so great? We use a perfect combination of organic, non-GMO, locally sourced, ethically farmed sunflower oil, virgin cocoa butter, and organic shea nut butter in our bath bombs. These ingredients combined in your bath water are fantastic for adding moisture for your skin. The sunflower oil is non comedogenic and wot clog your pores while moisturizing, the cocoa butter and shea butter combination help leave your skin feeling super hydrated and glowing. Suffering from some dry skin issues? Give one of our bath bombs a try and you will love them!

  • Elijah Cordova

How Much Bath Bomb to Use?

When it comes to skin moisturizing and relaxation, bath bombs are one of the best ways to treat yourself! Many people ask how many bath bombs per bath are the right amount to use, what is too much or too little? There are so many different companies now making bath bombs and have attempted to copy us, that this a difficult question to answer. For example when you look at some companies packaging, they say for their personal sized bath bombs that you should use two or even three per bath. So what you thought was a great deal, just got really expensive when you read the fine lines. Other companies have really strong scents, and a lot of companies don’t even list their ingredients so you don’t even know what you could be buying.

At WHOLEMADE BATH CO. all you need to have a relaxing, aromatic, and moisturizing bath is just a single bath bomb. If you feel you want a little stronger of scent, or need some extra moisturizing power, a second bath bomb could be added in too! This also gives you the option to get super creative with the scent and moisturizing level of your bath! Our colored Mega Bath Bombs because of their size can be used for one, two, or even three baths.

  • Elijah Cordova

What Colorant is Used in Bath Bombs?

With so many bath bombs on the market that will change your bath water into fun colors, many are wondering what type of color is added to create this rainbow water effect. We have done a lot of research into other products available to consumers, and we weren’t happy with our findings. A lot of other companies are creating their bath bombs using unnatural colors and dyes in their products. When you buy a colored Mega Bath Bomb from WHOLEMADE BATH CO, you can be assured you’re buying a bath bombs decorated with natural pigment created from minerals and shimmering natural micas. Pretty cool, right?
  • Elijah Cordova

Are Bath Bombs Good for You?

A question asked a lot is if bath bombs are good for you. There are many bath bombs on the market that contain things that are not the best ingredients to soak in for an hour, like Sodium Sulfate, but here at WHOLEMADE BATH CO. we take pride in creating bath bombs that are great for your skin and that you can feel confident in using. We simply use baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, organic non-GMO sunflower, virgin cocoa butter, organic shea nut butter, sugar, essential oils or scent, and water in our bath bombs. Our bath bombs are highly moisturizing, soothing to the skin, and offer aroma therapy as well. We know down to the farmer where our ingredients come from, and you can read about them here in our blog. Our hemp infused bath bombs offer even more benefits to their use, by interacting with your cb2 receptors in your skin. In short, bath bombs from WHOLEMADE BATH CO. are always safe to use, good for the skin, and beneficial to the soul.
  • Elijah Cordova