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WholeMade Introduces WholeMan Hemp

WholeMade Introduces WholeMan Hemp

WholeMan Hemp is WholeMade’s newest collection of full spectrum hemp oil products designed for men’s grooming. WholeMan Hemp builds off the formulas you know and love with brand-new essential oil blends.
WholeMade Community- Meet Molly @silly_soul_healing

WholeMade Community- Meet Molly @silly_soul_healing

We firmly believe at WholeMade in remembering our roots and connecting within the community around us to make the world a better place. Colorado, and all it has to offer is so intertwined with who we are as a company, it'd almost be impossible to separate us from it. What can we say? We're in love! That's why we're seeking to feature individuals we find along the way that make the place we call home even brighter than the 300 days of sunshine we get a year!

Recently, we met Molly! A lovely individual that uses holistic living, movement, massage therapy, and yoga to help enhance her lifestyle. Molly is a certified Yoga Teacher who teaches Gentle Flow Restorative Meditation with the Foco Yoga Co-op in the beautiful Solarium International Hostel located in Fort Collins, Colorado. As well, she leads an Ecstatic Dance class in town which focuses on movement therapy. After taking her incredibly nurturing class, we asked her to share some of her healthful living secrets.

"So Molly, what does holistic living truly mean to you?"

"For me, holistic living means wellness in all aspects of life. Creating a balanced lifestyle with mind, body, and spirit. It is being aware of the interconnectedness of everything."


 "What inspired you to start yoga? You're obviously very passionate about your practice!"

"My yoga inspiration came from high school and my parents. In my aerobics class we were shown yoga and I was immediately curious. For Christmas, my parents gifted me unlimited yoga at a studio in our neighborhood. I felt a new type of energy from doing yoga I had never experienced. Yin yoga especially drew me in, and I fell in love with the practice and still to this day look up to my instructor. She encouraged me to do yoga teacher training and after a few years of practicing yoga regularly, I decided to go! Yoga has been a life altering practice and the poses are just a small part of it!"


 "What makes you happy?"

"Community is probably the biggest contribution to my happiness. I have an amazing life filled with adventures and holistic living. But it just wouldn’t be as fulfilling without my incredible friends and all the new ones I’m crossing paths with. My happiest is when I’m at the ocean, especially a tropical place. Add my friends in that mix and I’m in heaven."

Speaking of tropical, we couldn't stop drooling over the luscious oasis the Solarium has created in their space. It feels like you're in a gorgeous, exotic jungle only moments away from the beach rather than the mountains.

"What’s your favorite thing about Fort Collins and Colorado as a whole?"

"My favorite thing about Fort Collins is I keep discovering more amazing people and places. I love Colorado because of the community and the fantastic music scene. Arise Music Festival is pretty much is in our back yard and that has completely changed my life." 

--We agree, last year WholeMade was a sponsor of Arise Music Festival and it was a full weekend of life changing experiences, workshops, and incredible music by artists from near and far!

"Why is movement so important to you in your life?"

"Movement is so important to me because I believe it’s the best medicine. There’s an abundance of movement therapy and no rules to how you move your body! I lead as well as attend ecstatic dances and that’s where I feel most free and wanting to express what going on internally. Movement breaks up stagnation and gets me out of the monkey mind and into the body and spirit."

"Any tips for someone to gently introduce yoga and movement into their daily routine?"

"I would encourage someone that’s starting to practice yoga and movement daily to be gentle with themselves. The practice comes and goes and is always here for you. It’s okay to fall out or get distracted. That’s what yoga is about, meeting it where you are and getting away from the ego. To establish new healthy habits, it takes time and dedication. Love the journey that ebbs and flows!"

 "I know you enjoy using essential oils in your practice, what benefits have you found from this? What inspired this?"

"My favorite yoga instructor introduced me to using essential oils in savasana and I began to look forward to that in class. Now all my classes end with me offering neck massages with different oils in savasana. I pick different oils depending on the season, time of day, and the type of class. My students totally love receiving this just as much as I love giving them that gift!"

Pictured below is Molly using our Infused Essentials Roll-On Remedy in Elevate, a bright citrus blend of orange, lemon, lime and bergamot essential oils that will lift your spirits. Click the image to get yours!

If you want to keep up with Molly follow her on instagram @silly_soul_healing and @ecstaticrelease and be sure to follow The Solarium International Hostel on instagram @solariumhostel as well. If you or someone else would like to be considered for a feature with the WholeMade Community email 

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Essential Oils- Scents to Get You Through the Day

Essential Oils- Scents to Get You Through the Day

We all feel it, that Monday morning alarm goes off and you immediately contemplate if you REALLY need your job, and risk hitting your snooze button for the millionth time. Mornings can be hard, but they surely don’t have to be. Especially because having a good morning allows you to be in a bright mindset to have a good rest of your day into your evening. Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up ready to be the best, most productive version of yourself and end your day ready to drift off into a deep, replenishing sleep? Have you considered using essential oils as aroma therapy to help give you some of the energy and clarity you need? Let’s guide you through a few blends that will make all the difference between drinking the 4th cup of coffee or feeling present in a natural way.

When morning comes, refresh your mind and body!

 Rise and shine beautiful, the birds are singing the sun is up and it’s time to get moving and shaking. If you’re a morning shower person, which is personally a favorite way of ours to start our day, then pop a WholeMade Eucalyptus Shower Bomb in to gently wake your senses up, clear your sinuses and get you takings some deep nourishing belly breaths. Then before we even take our first sip of our morning latte, we whip out our Focus Infused Essentials Roll-On Remedy blend. This particular bright blend is composed of rosemary, lime and grapefruit oil that will help to further invigorate your mind and provide some mental clarity. All the while the full spectrum hemp that is infused in it helps to create a sense of calm you can draw from throughout the day. We like utilizing Focus in our Roll-On Remedy because let’s face it, who has the time or energy in the morning to mess with diluting essential oils? This way we have done all that hard work for you by diluting them in a safe ratio inside of some seriously wonderful carrier oils. Just roll a little on your pulse points and you’re set! If you’re into layering scent like we are, maybe go for using our Focus Hemp Face and Body Cream as your moisturizer or our Focus Hemp Infused Natural Deodorant!

When the evening comes, take the time to wind down!

 Good job sunshine, you made it all the way through your day! It’s finally time to rest your body and your mind. We really enjoy creating a personal ritual to help us obtain the deepest, most restful sleep possible. We personal love winding down with a hot hemp infused bath while meditating on what happened in our day. Drop our Sleep Aid blend 35mg Hemp Infused Bath Bomb into the water, and again layer the scent by sprinkling in some of the Sleep Aid + Hemp Extract Bath Salt. The Sleep Aid blend is made up of lavender, chamomile, and lemon essential oils that will help to put your mind to ease and help you drift into deep relaxation. This is combination with soaking in hot water infused with full spectrum hemp extract and salt will help to also physically relax your body and get you in the mood to fall asleep and STAY asleep!

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Do Bath Bombs Mold?

Because some companies make bath bombs with highly perishable ingredients, or make them in China and try to pass them off as being hand crafted in the United States, some people have concerns about if they can acquire mold. So an easy answer is that a Bath Bomb that is properly made with verifiable ingredients wont mold. Here at WHOLEMADE BATH CO. this is never a concern for us because we even ensure this by taking a step further by having 3rd party testing done on our products so that you can be confident in our quality.
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Signature Scent Profiles for Our Hemp Bath Bombs and Skin Care

Signature Scent Profiles for Our Hemp Bath Bombs and Skin Care

WholeMade Hemp Bath Bombs are hand crafted with 35mg of hemp extract, and 100% pure essential oils based on terpene profiles. 

Our 6 Signature Essential Oil Scents:

Lavender / Relaxing (linalool - relaxing): Pure lavender essential oil to help calm and soothe.

Elevate (limonene - mood elevating) : A cheerful blend of orange, lemon, lime and bergamot essential oils to help uplift and enhance your mood.

Sleep (myrcene - sleep inducing, relaxing) : A calming blend of essential oils including chamomile, lemon and lavender to promote your restful and balanced sleep.

Focus (pinene - mental clarity) : Grapefruit, rosemary and lime essential oils to aid in your memory, alertness and balance.

Breathe (pinene - respiratory) : A blend of eucalyptus, mint, cypress, pine and lavender essential oils to create soothing feelings for your respiratory and aches.

Citrus Mint (limonene - mood enhancing) : Refresh with lemon, tangerine, lavender and a touch of mint to elevate your mood, well-being and tranquility.