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Homage to Maryiln

Homage to Maryiln

Rooted in history, Homage to Marilyn renews a classic fragrance to nourish your body in the glitz and glam of Hollywood.

Signature Scent Profiles for Our Hemp Bath Bombs and Skin Care

Signature Scent Profiles for Our Hemp Bath Bombs and Skin Care

WholeMade Hemp Bath Bombs are hand crafted with 35mg of hemp extract, and 100% pure essential oils based on terpene profiles. 

Our 6 Signature Essential Oil Scents:

Lavender / Relaxing (linalool - relaxing): Pure lavender essential oil to help calm and soothe.

Elevate (limonene - mood elevating) : A cheerful blend of orange, lemon, lime and bergamot essential oils to help uplift and enhance your mood.

Sleep (myrcene - sleep inducing, relaxing) : A calming blend of essential oils including chamomile, lemon and lavender to promote your restful and balanced sleep.

Focus (pinene - mental clarity) : Grapefruit, rosemary and lime essential oils to aid in your memory, alertness and balance.

Breathe (pinene - respiratory) : A blend of eucalyptus, mint, cypress, pine and lavender essential oils to create soothing feelings for your respiratory and aches.

Citrus Mint (limonene - mood enhancing) : Refresh with lemon, tangerine, lavender and a touch of mint to elevate your mood, well-being and tranquility.